giovedì 14 gennaio 2010

potato dumplings with prawns and vanilla prawn sauce

Scusate l'escursus ma è necessario scrivere delle ricette in inglese per partecipare al "foodista" che sarebbe nientepòpòdimenoche la wikipedia dei blog di cucina... penso di scriverne 2 o 3, errori e pazienza permettendo.

potato dumplings with prawns and vanilla prawn sauce

ingredients serves 6

300 gr white flour
1000gr. potatoes
n. 8 big prawns
n.1 carrot
n.1 onion
n.1 celery
laurel, rosemary garlic
n. glass of tomato sauce
few of white wine
vanilla berry
lemon peel
extra virgin olive oil


boil potatoes with skin in copius salt waterfish; clean the prawns and keep the carapace (cuticle) in a frying-pan and cooking the laurel, rosmary, tomato sauce, garlic, slicing carrot and celery and onion together...whisk the soup and strain very well, making dunplings: clean potaotes and use the potato masher,knead whit flour when potatoes is still warm. you must get a dough very tender and soft.
roll the knead like a stick and cut it in dumplings big like olives. cooking the dumplings in copius salt waterfish and in the meaintime cooking the prawns with the sauce and the vanilla. add this with the cooked dumplings and serving with a mince parsley.

about recipe

this is a really delicate recipe, accompany with a white wine more aromatic. cooking prawns very short, so they remain tender. you knead the dumplings when they are still warm, but cut there when they are cool. you can replace prawn with "mazzancolle", octopus or sea bass.
i pray everyone who have the patience to correct my english language, i'm early to thank you very much!
Enrico Zanibelli on Foodista


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